Flower Essences for Change and Renewal

Archetypes of Nature as guides for Transmutation and Blossoming

Did you know that the existence of flowering plants has been a MAJOR step in the evolution of life on Earth?

Plants and whole living ecosystems have learnt to adapt, change, recreate themselves and evolve over millions of years, through the most challenging conditions and major planetary shifts.

And as Flowers came into existence, the evolution of plants developed extraordinary levels of adaptability, plasticity and interactive integration with other living beings.


Plants are our ancestors and our very close relatives; our lives are interrelated and intertwined. Being our elders, they are also our teachers: flowers and plants generously share with us their wisdom and inspiration.

Plant wisdom can be transferred to us as living information

Researchers who have dedicated their lives to the study of the Archetypal signature of plants, observing how they evolve in their native environments and how they adapt to changing seasons and circumstances, have collected a range of precious teachings imparted by each plant family and by each unique plant species.

We can meditate and listen to these plants, we can learn from their Archetypal patterns, we can experience deep journeys in which these plants inform and help us transform pain into healed wisdom.

And we can also receive this wisdom and information by using their flower essences!

the Schisandra flower is being prepared as a flower essence
The Schisandra flower is being prepared as a flower essence, part of the Flora of Asia line – photo by Kathleen Aspenns.

When the light of the Sun shines on the beauty of fresh flowers layered on a bowl of spring water, Higher harmonic patterns of clear organizing life force are imprinted in the water for our healing and wellness.

While healing rituals with water and flowers go back to ancient times, since the 1930’s, through Dr Edward Bach, we started the use of these healing flower remedies, also called Flower Essences.

Flower Essences help us transmute emotions and outdated habits

In connecting with the precise ones that you need and are balm for your heart and wounds, old patterns are transformed into their version of wholeness and your best qualities are nurtured, and much more.

You receive Evolutionary information, through patterns of life force (information) infused in water. The accuracy of these unique patterns of life force support adaptation to change, the healing transmutation of emotional wounds, release of outdated patterns and the creation of new and healthy habits.